Become a game tester with myCashery!How you can make money with games in 2024
There are more and more gamers who are turning their passion into a profession and making money by playing games. We'll show you how you can make money as a game tester.

Become a Game Tester: How to Earn Money with Games in 2024

Games have long been more than just a leisure activity. For many people, video games have become an important part of life. As a result, there are more and more players turning their passion into a profession and wanting to earn money by playing games. There are various ways to get started in this field, and we will show you how you can earn money as a game tester.

Becoming a Game Tester: What Does It Mean and How Does It Work?

Before you dive into the world of game testing, you should understand what this profession really means. As the name suggests, the main task of game testers is to test video games. However, often there's more to it. It may be necessary to provide comprehensive feedback to developers so they can improve the game being tested.

Testing a game may also be limited to graphics or programming experts directly involved in the game's development. Nevertheless, there are numerous job opportunities in this coveted field. Successful game testing requires not just a passion for video games, but also a trained eye for details to spot and fix errors early on.

Besides permanent positions, there are also other ways to earn money in this profession, which we will delve into later in this article.

Where Can You Work as a Game Tester?

You have various options to pursue your dream career. The most popular path is freelancing. However, there is also the possibility of working in permanent positions at game developers. Some apps outsource their game tests to platforms like myCashery, where anyone can become a game tester.

In addition to these options, public game tests and reviews are also popular. These are often conducted through YouTube videos or written articles in blogs. There are also gaming magazines that publish game tests.

Online Platforms

How Much Do Game Testers Earn?

Now that you know where you can work as a game tester, you're probably interested in the potential salary. Earnings can vary greatly and are often project-based if you work freelance. In permanent positions, game testers can earn between €2,300 and over €5,000 gross per month.

In project-based work, the compensation is usually between €15 and €20 per hour, depending on your skills and the experience required by the client.

Why Are Game Testers Important?

Game testers play a crucial role in game development. They not only identify errors in the game early on but also provide valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement. Especially in terms of gameplay and user experience, it is essential for some developers to use real gamers for game testing.

Independent game testers who create blogs, YouTube videos, or articles in magazines also significantly contribute to the marketing of games. They provide potential buyers with an authentic insight.

Challenges for Game Testers

One of the biggest challenges for professional game testers is often not playing the games itself, but the documentation. Errors must be immediately recorded and described so that they can be fixed. In addition, attention must always be paid while playing to see if there are places that can be improved.

Therefore, you must be able to test games with great attention. Often you get lost in the game and forget the actual task of testing. It's important to understand that the profession encompasses far more than just playing.

How to Become a Game Tester with a Blog or YouTube Channel?

One of the fastest ways to start as a game tester is to create your own blog or YouTube channel. This allows you to be your own boss and decide which games to test and how you want to design these tests. However, it often starts more as a hobby than a paid profession.

It often takes several months or even years for a blog or YouTube channel to generate income. Some hobby game testers do not earn money with public tests and reviews even after a longer time. If you decide on one of these paths, we will explain what matters.

Your own YouTube Channel

Starting your own YouTube channel allows you to start testing games immediately and without much preparation. However, it's important to note that you won't immediately earn money as a game tester. Instead, it may take some time to gain enough subscribers to make your channel financially viable through advertising revenue.

With a large reach, it can even happen that game developers approach you and commission you for a public review of a game. From this point on, you can also earn a good income through your YouTube channel and call yourself a full-time game tester.

Your Own Blog

A major difference between owning a blog and a YouTube channel is that you don't have to be in front of the camera for a blog. Instead, you create written articles to review games. This format often allows for more detailed information and the presentation of details and facts in tables.

Similar to owning your own YouTube channel, you can generate income with a blog through advertising or by promoting products with affiliate links.

myCashery as the Best Entry Point for Game Testers

Getting started as a professional game tester can be challenging. Positions at game developers can be highly competitive, and building a successful YouTube channel or blog can take time. However, myCashery offers a way for anyone to immediately start earning money as a game tester.

MyCashery offers numerous game tests that are publicly accessible to all registered users. All you have to do is register on the platform and select a suitable game offer. The platform automatically tracks your progress in the offer.

Once the tasks in the offer are completed, you receive compensation, and the process is fully automated. If you're looking for additional ways to quickly earn money, you can also participate in numerous paid surveys on the platform.

Conclusion: Start Your Journey as a Game Tester with myCashery

It's possible to become a game tester and enter the competitive world of game testing. However, it can be difficult to find employment in the industry. Creating your own YouTube channel or blog is a promising alternative, even though it may take some time to earn money with game testing.

For those who want to start earning money as a game tester immediately, myCashery offers an excellent opportunity. All you have to do is register on the platform and select a suitable game test. The automatic tracking of your progress in the game simplifies the process and allows anyone to easily earn money with game testing.